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Kolli Hills Black Pepper

Black Peppers are directly produced from farmers those who are not using any kind chemical fertilizers in their farming activities.

We can source different sizes of Black Pepper.
E.g: Minimum 7mm upto 12.5mm

This healthy benefits of black pepper is Cleanses your intestines and stomach,Prevents cancer,Detoxifies your body,Rich in vitamin B and produces calcium. It consists of potassium that helps in regulating heart rate and high blood pressure

Guntur Red Chilli

Monsoon Overseas gets you the most Aeromatic and Bright red sannam chillies(334), Teja(S17), Endofive(N-5) & 273 right from Guntur

We can Source you above Dry Chilli Varities as per your needs in what ever Quantity and your require within the time and through a hassle free delivery process.

We can also source above dry chilli varities in with stem & without stem

Generally Red Chillies Good for Health as its helps to Stimulate once Digestion and Appetite & Blood circulation.

Sannam Chillies (334)

Sannam also known as 334,s4 which is one of the most popular variants of the red chillies that is highly in demand because of its aroma,flavor & pungency. Nearly 50% of chilli production in India counts for sannam dried red chillies. Sannam chillies comes in two forms

  • Sannam chilli with stem.
  • Sannam chilli without stem.
Both of them are good demand in the overseas as these chillies are widely used in variety of chinese,maximum, Japanse & Indian all over the world. India Andhra pradhesh & Madhya pradhesh are core production regions of sannam red chillies.

Teja (S17)

Teja (S17) is one of the hottest varieties of red chillies produced in India. The chilli is known and liked across the country for its hot flavour and rich aroma. Southernthern India is the main region of Teja red chilli production.

The popularity of Teja dried red chillies crosses all the boundaries as the spice lovess all over the world are found of this red chilli varient because of its hot tingling taste and eye watering peppery flavor.

Monsoon overseas is one of the best youngester doing exports & supplier of red chillies in India. We source the most popular varient of dried red chillies all over the world and are the most experienced


It's a hot and has a sharp pungent small. This is a longer ,thick skinned dry red chilli that comes with larger seeds and Nature pods. Those who love hot and spiciest food can go for this chilli.

It's eye watering pepperiness and mouth watering flavour makes it the best choice of red chilli for use in Indian food & snacks ,pickles ,sauces and various other hot spicy dishes can be prepared in the ;best form with the Endo 5 dried red chillies.

Wrinkled 273

Wrinkled 273 dried red chillies are highly in demand in continents like Asia ,Europe and also canada. The magnificient red color,mouth watering aroma and medium pungency is what make this chilli so admirable. Among the spice lovers for those who prefer less spiciness in their food can option for wrinkled 273.

The major production of wrinkled 273 dry red chillies comes from guntur district of AP & we monsoon overseas get you the best and original variety of wrinkled dried red chillies directly from its land of production our quality controller apply their knowledge and efforts to bring out the best range of wrinkled 273 red chillies-one is with the stem and other comes without stem and reputed red chillies exportess in India.